After She Was Given Just Months To Live, This Woman Beat Cancer With A Simple Diet Change

People talk about natural cancer remedies all the time, but only a few people put them to the test. This woman did, and she completely cured herself of the disease.

When it seems like there is no hope, sometimes we can find it in the simplest things. A Wisconsin mother has a wonderful story to tell of how she conquered a deadly form of inflammatory breast cancer. What she used to recover was a diet. All she did was change the way that she ate, and the foods apparently helped her. Now, she’s dedicating her time to teaching other people how to adjust their diets to make these special foods work for them. Researchers are still studying what happened and are still puzzled.

The woman’s name is Kathy, and she is 41 years old. The doctors diagnosed her with inflammatory breast cancer, and they told her she only had 21 months to live. Naturally, she wanted to stay alive as long as possible so that she could be with her children. So she underwent various treatment methods such as chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and other alternatives.

None of these methods seem to do anything for her but make her condition worse and start harming other organs. Her kidneys started failing. The treatment damaged her lungs and heart. Her liver started failing as well.

It seemed like the treatment was doing her more harm than good.

Eventually, she became frustrated. She figured if she stopped the other treatment methods, it wasn’t going to make her situation any worse. So she told her oncologist that she was done. She stopped chemotherapy and tried something completely different. She wasn’t sure what the odds were with this method, but she didn’t really see a risk in trying it.

Little did she know that she was going to do a 360-degree turn around from being diagnosed with a fatal illness to not feeling sick at all.

“Anti-angiogenesis” is the new buzzword in cancer research. Diets rich in so-called anti-angiogenic foods are attractive to those suffering from cancer or wanting to prevent the disease altogether.
Cancerous tumors release angiogenic growth factor proteins that stimulate blood vessels to grow into the tumor, providing it with oxygen and nutrients. A key mechanism of anti-angiogenic therapy interferes with the process of blood vessel growth to literally starve the tumor of its blood supply.
Because of the expense of pharmaceutical angiogenesis inhibitors coupled with their potential for negative reactions, researchers are turning towards studying foods which may provide some of the same benefits but without the side effects.
As seen in the list, there are a number of foods rich in antioxidants and anti-cancer properties that may not only help stop angiogenesis but may also prevent cancerous tumors from ever developing at all. Mike Maki

The diet that she got on consisted of a vast assortment of anti-angiogenic foods. The term anti-angiogenic refers to the suppression of new blood vessel development. These foods somehow halt the progression of cancer. Some of the foods and beverages that were included in her diet are garlic, green tea, dark chocolate, red wine, red grapes and pineapple. She also ate artichokes, walnuts and mushrooms. She assumed that eating these foods would cease cancer progression.

The theory was proven correct some months later when she was tested, and it was discovered that the cancer had stopped spreading. She said her doctors were completely blown away by her story and the evidence that was in front of them. It’s been 13 years now that she’s been free of cancer, and of course, she continues her diet.

She spends a lot of time working with other people as sort of a nutritional coach now for people who have been diagnosed with cancer and other difficulties. Tell your loved ones about this story, and remember that there is hope in natural remedies.

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